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Matthew Reifslager’s programs are so beneficial at this point in our culture. With so much confusion and upheaval in the world, they have provided me with foundational energetic support for the past 3 years that keeps me centered in my own being and nourishes me on a deep level. — Judy De La Rosa, Austin, Texas


The Portal:
Experience Divine Connection

• Direct connection with devatas, Archanges, and laws of nature
• The supporting, loving nature of your own awareness
• Spiritual protection
• Divine and loving consciousness as a powerful resource

Weekly Live Casts:
Receive Transformational Healing

• Support for healthy relationship with thoughts, emotions, beliefs
• Support for your physiological well-being
• Energy healing and attunements
• Vital energy
• Spiritual energies as a phsiological resource

The Divine Heart Course:
Awaken Higher States of Consciousness

• The momentum and support for your deepest inner work
• Profound meaning for your journey
• Clear and inspiring life purpose
• Conscious connection to your higher Self and spirit guides
• Spontaneous appreciation for life here on earth

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