Discover the Master Within

Master Transformation is my opportunity to share with you the extraordinary blessings and insights I have been given in my own spiritual journey. Master Transformation provides (1) unprecedented energy healing, (2) specific and practical teachings about the nature of reality for spiritual growth, and (3) coaching and strategies for living your full creative potential.

Through Master Transformation You Can

  • Receive Divine Love and multidimensional healing
  • Redefine your reality to ultimate Truth
  • Raise your body’s vibrational frequency
  • Align with your soul’s vision and purpose on earth
  • Design and manifest your ideal life

Thank you for today’s activation. I took it in so deeply and I feel so much lighter!! What you said about Enlightenment being a process of realizing most of what we belief is untrue made me laugh in delight.

About Matthew

Matthew Reifslager is a multidimensional healer, spiritual teacher, and medical intuitive. Through the Reifslager Clinic, he offers support for illness, crisis, and life challenges. His work also supports spiritual transformation.

Over the last decade, Matthew has seen clients experience significant and sustained benefits from the transformational energies he works with.

Although his work is spiritual in nature, it provides practical and profound benefits in life — healing from illness and disease, awakening to inner light and power, overcoming the triggers of fear and suffering, and transforming relationships to self and others.

Matthew has multidimensional and energetic perception of the human physiology. His methods of healing come from spiritual activations and awakenings in consciousness.

Matthew was blessed with mentors who recognized his potential as a healer and supported his education. In addition to his ability to perceive and engage the energetic pathways of the body, Matthew has training and extensive knowledge of the human physiology, including its structural, systemic and environmental makeup.

Matthew utilizes distinct transformational energies in his work. These energies are a part of the universe and can facilitate healing for the mind, body and emotions.

I feel a whole new sense of safety in my body, which has given rise to a new experience of peace, harmony, comfort and freedom to be my self, show up more in my totality, and speak my truth as a free Soul.

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