Experience True
Divine Connection.

Transform. Heal. Awaken.

Receive free access to a weekly guided “Transformation”
+ featured video teachings from Matthew.

Experience True Divine Connection.

Transform. Heal. Awaken.

Receive free access to a weekly guided “Transformation”
+ featured video clips from Matthew.

MT is a sacred online portal where you can
deepen your connection to the divine and receive transformational healing.

What is MT?

Experience Divine Connection

MT is the home of the Ascended Masters of the holy traditions. These great multidimensional beings are oriented to Divinity, to God. Because they have evolved through human incarnations, they are experts in the human physiology, the human condition, and the evolutionary dynamics of Mother Earth. Their central tenant is the fulfillment of every human being on earth in their journey to full spiritual awakening.

Matthew works with the Ascended Masters to facilitate Divine frequencies of support and transformation. The guided practices in the MT portal are infused with these Divine energies.

Awaken Higher States of Consciousness

Visit the MT portal on a regular basis for deep experience and inspiration to ground you in the strength and clarity that higher truths provide. Rejuvenate, renew, align with your wisdom, reset for the week, or deepen your understanding of your cosmic and divine nature.

New content is posted on a regular basis, including insightful discourses, answers to questions, guided practices for spiritual strength-building, and channeled knowledge with supportive energy.

Receive Transformational Healing

MT also offers the opportunity to join a special program called the Master Circle. Through this program you can attend live healing sessions with Matthew (via telegathering) and receive ongoing support for awakening your full spiritual potential.

The program format has been specifically designed for evolutionary momentum and profound results. It utilizes the rhythms of nature to provide optimal weekly, monthly, and seasonal retreats into the healing energies and support.

What People are Saying

The MT portal has been transformational for me. The expanded, multidimensional knowledge that Matthew shares, about Divine Love and our spiritual journey toward union with the Divine, is both illuminating and spiritually nourishing. — D.W.

Meet your guide

Matthew Reifslager

Matthew Reifslager is a spiritual and multidimensional healer, teacher, channel, and guide. He has formal training in energy healing and extensive knowledge and understanding of the human physiology.

Matthew works with distinct cosmic energies and entities to provide healing and transformation. These include Divine Mother, the Archangels, and a circle of Ascended Masters.

Although Matthew’s work is spiritual in nature, it also brings practical and profound benefits in other areas of life — physiological healing, overcoming fear and suffering, transforming your relationship to yourself and others, and more.

MT reflects Matthew’s mission to make available the blessings, teachings, and transformational resources of the Divine to people all around the world.

What People are Saying

Matthew’s meditations offer me Solace and a place to return to over and over again when my spirit and soul require high vibrational loving light. This is so helpful for me on this Earth plane now, where there is much shifting and changing as we navigate the new. — O.H.

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