September 29, 2022 through June 22, 2023

Register by Wednesday, September 28.

Welcome! This is a special invitation to the new 9-month Master Circle program that begins on September 22nd.

Matthew has been guided to significantly change the format of the program. The focus will be on live, interactive healing sessions (via Zoom), and personalized, one-on-one support.

This page outlines a unique 9-month offering. Please read the information below thoroughly. If you feel this new program is for you, click the button to register.

What is the Master Circle?

Cocoon of Protection
& Cosmic Support

Timely, Personalized
Energy Healing

Personal Care
& Guidance

The Master Circle is the supreme accelerator for spiritual awakening. Whereas the MT Program is universal and beneficial, the Master Circle provides a much higher level of engagement and support. And it expresses itself in 3 ways:

  • Cocoon of Protection & Cosmic Support — This is support for body, mind, and this critical time on earth. It manifests primarily through regular remote energy attunements, and dynamic interactive healing webinars.
  • Personalized Energy Healing — Live Interactive Energy Healing Webinars are for each individual, but also universally for the group. Divine Mother and The Masters ensure that all the healing frequencies, wisdom, and guidance are for all members, including the person expressing a question or concern.
  • Personal Care & Guidance — Personal Healings provide pure transmission for whatever is needed, such as a personal concern or additional care.
Live Interactive Energy Healing Webinars

The Master Circle is anchored by (7) special 90+ minute webinars with Matthew. These are dynamic, interactive healing sessions. Each event includes the following:

  1. An energy activation that is live and only for this group. Included is knowledge for this time and critical healing processes for each individual. These are timely, targeted healings and support for profound spiritual transformation.
  2. Time for program participants to interact with Matthew to ask questions, or request healing or guidance.

    We have discovered, in the mentorship groups that Matthew is working with, that this format of sharing experiences and questions in the group meetings is not only powerful for the individual sharing, but the answers are applicable and profoundly healing for everyone. Most of our problems and concerns are shared, they are not unique to us. You may find that the questions being asked by others are also your questions. And because the answers come from the deepest, most universal perspective, they are for everyone.

    Another important benefit of the program format is the additional support of the synergy of the group. Our experience is that the interactive group healing sessions are even more potent and beneficial than private one-on-one sessions. There is a saying: “the wholeness is more than the sum of the parts”. And this is clearly what we have learned over time.

    Please note: Your participation in the webinars is anonymous. The video and even the names of other participants will not be seen. The exception is if you opt to interact with Matthew during the live webinar. In that case your audio will be turned on, and you can choose to have your video on or not.

Webinars are scheduled on Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. (PT). If you can’t attend live, don’t worry. Replays are available. Please know that you are always included in the energy transmissions, whether or not you attend live.

Personal Healings with Matthew

Twice during the program, during the months of Nov & Feb, you will have the opportunity to meet with Matthew via Zoom for a short personal healing. These healings are pure transmission targeted to your personal concerns and intentions.

You will will communicate your requests to Matthew on a special form we provide. This information will give him with what he needs to prepare for your session in advance.

These Personal Healings are a unique opportunity to receive individualized care from Matthew. He no longer offers private sessions outside of his programs.

Also Included
  • A Library of Special Energy Healings: This is a library of recorded energy healings that are available exclusively to the Master Circle. You can enjoy these recordings whenever you wish.

  • The MT Program: This program is included in your Master Circle membership. The MT Program and the Master Circle have been designed to work together for maximum evolutionary momentum. The MT Program includes:

    • Daily Healings — for a daily dose of divine energy support
    • Livecast Events — for timely healing, knowledge, and insights
    • Monthly Energy Activations — for a deeper dive into the transformational energies
    • Guided Meditations — to illuminate and integrate experience of your divinity
    • Channeled Knowledge — to point your thinking and beliefs toward highest truth

Register by Wednesday, September 28.

Schedule of Live Events

Interactive Webinar Thursday Sep 22 10:30a.m. (PT)
Interactive Webinar Thursday Oct 13 10:30a.m. (PT)
Personal Healings Tuesday/Wednesday Nov 29 or 30
Interactive Webinar Thursday Dec 15 10:30a.m. (PT)
Interactive Webinar Thursday Jan 19 10:30a.m. (PT)
Personal Healings Tuesday/Wednesday Feb 14 or 15
Interactive Webinar Thursday Mar 23 10:30a.m. (PT)
Interactive Webinar Thursday Apr 20 10:30a.m. (PT)
Interactive Webinar Thursday Jun 22 10:30a.m. (PT)

The Program Cost

Two Payment Plans

9 Monthly Payments
$250 (each month)
Full Payment at Registration
$2,000 (save $250)

Commitment and Refund Policy:

This Master Circle is a 9-month program that begins on September 22, 2022 and concludes on June 22, 2023. When you register for the program, you are committing to the full 9 months. Payments made are nonrefundable. And, if for any reason you don’t complete the program, or are unable to participate in some aspect of the program, you are still responsible for any outstanding payments due.

Register by Wednesday, September 28.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I miss a meeting, will a replay be available?
    Yes. The audio recordings of each meeting will be available to you on the website.
  • Where will I find the dates and times of all Master Circle events?
    When you register for the Master Circle Program, you will be given access to a special Master Circle section of the website. There you will find the program schedule, the event connection codes, and replays of each meeting.
  • Are Matthew’s other programs included in the Master Circle?
    MT Membership is included for the duration of your membership in the Master Circle. If you are currently enrolled in this program, those monthly payments will be cancelled.

  • What are your policies for privacy and confidentiality?
    We ask that all participants in the Master Circle honor the privacy of other participants. This includes the names of participants, as well as any questions and experiences shared. It is very important for all participants that they feel safe and protected in the program.

    Regarding webinars, participation is anonymous. You will not see video or even names of other participants. The exception is if you opt to interact with Matthew during the live webinar. In that case your audio will be turned on, and you can choose to have your video on or not.

Support Through Co-creation

Your vision, intention, and attention are powerful tools that allow you to co-create and amplify the support and transformation you receive. You may have heard: “what you put your attention on grows” or “energy flows where attention goes”. This is a powerful law of nature.

This program is not so much about healing what ails you, but about empowering the powerful within you. When the highest, most powerful part of you grows, all other aspects of you are nurtured and healed. This is the central pillar and thrust of the multidimensional support that the program provides.

When you settle into the healing sessions, you enter the environment of your Higher Self. This is that part of you that is always awake to the truth. It is the part that grows into a great embodied master being.

During the healing sessions, your job is simple. Have the intention to connect with that highest part of yourself, whether it feels like a big part of you or just the smallest glimmer. When you orient to and strengthen the love and the witness value, all elements of your deeper being, (including those that may feel disregarded or unacknowledged) come forward to be nourished. This is how true healing takes place.

As part of the Master Circle program, you will be guided through a process to establish a life vision for yourself. This provides a direction for the blessings to flow. You will also create monthly intentions designed to move you toward fulfillment of the vision you are holding.

Register by Wednesday, September 28.

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